Adds a new audience to your Podcast

When you remember, your podcast appears on the homepage and search. More people start to know you.

It'll be easier for them to find you

You'll be more searched on Google. They will track all their networks with a single profile. "iTunes, Spotify, Spreaker ..."

You will discover new podcasts

You can discover the podcast of dozens of people, you can embark on new adventures.

Collaborate with other podcasts

Podcastel can communicate with other podcasts.

Audio message more intimate

You can write emotional things, but it doesn't give you real feelings. You can only understand real feelings when that person says it. It's ridiculous to say "breathing." It is priceless to hear the breath of someone who really cries of happiness.

Establishes emotional bonds with the listener.

People are emotional creatures. We've been in contact with our mouths for millions of years. We've only been using "writing" for 5,000 years. According to scientific research, people feel comfortable when they hear their voices. You will gain their sympathy.

Your email stays clean

People are sending thousands of emails for you and your podcast. There are hundreds of emails with the message "I love you, man." Let your email breathe.

Add audio recordings to your podcast

You can listen to incoming audio recordings, delete or even download. This way you can add them to your podcasts.

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